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OLLC Priests - Fr. Samuel, Fr. Clifton, Fr. Stephen, Fr. Gilbert (Parish Priest), Fr. Oniel, Fr. Denzil

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Zone 5 - Lourdes Colony

Zonal Priest : Fr. Gilbert de Lima

Zone 5 (Commonly referred as Lourdes Colony) actually comprises of families living in buildings starting from the lane opposite the Church right up to the Mithchowki-Link road signal. Zone 5 is divided in to 6 sectors Compared to other zones, this area is comparatively quite and peaceful. In fact you will find only residences and not many commercial establishments here, which makes this place the envy of people surrounded by the hustle and bustle of restaurants, offices and supermarkets. All the sectors organise their activities separately. The entire Zone comes together to organise the Feast of Christ the King and the Easter Zonal Mass. The most talked about activity carried out in Lourdes Colony, was when the residents came out to physically help with the cleaning of the entire colony. This was done in coordination with the Parish Councillors and the ALM. The zone endeavours to take this further by creating cleanliness awareness drives periodically, in keeping with the theme of CARING FOR GOD’S CREATION.

Sector 1 - Community of Santa Monica

  • Parish Councillor: Allan D’Mello
  • Coordinator: Sharon Monteiro
  • Secretary: Savita Gomes

Sector 2 - Community of St. Mark

  • Parish Councillor: Annie Vierra
  • Coordinator: Maxie D'Souza
  • Secretary: Daphane Alves

Sector 3 - Community of St. Luke

  • Parish Councillor: Malcolm Alvares
    (Zonal Cordinator)
  • Coordinator : Mary Ann Dias
  • Secretary: Natty Fernandes

Sector 4 - Community of St. Bernadette

  • Parish Councillor: Carlyle Pereira
  • Coordinator : Clera Shintre
  • Secretary: Lumina Miranda

Sector 5 - Community of Holy Spirit

  • Parish Councillor: Danny D’Souza
  • Coordinator: Ann D'lima
  • Secretary: Fatima Dias

Sector 6 - Community of St. Joseph the Worker

  • Parish Councillor: Linette D’Souza
  • Coordinator: Steffi Pinto
  • Secretary: Anthony Fernandes